Module Two: Controlling Exposure

Module overview: 


  • Recap on the Principles of Exposure

  • How to use your cameras settings including ISO Settings, Metering Modes, Exposure Compensation

  • Practical session with feedback

  • Progress check on your personal goals

  • Photo challenge 2


By the end of the session you will be able to:


Understand how and when to use ISO for digital cameras

Understand and use the different Metering modes your camera

Understand how to use Exposure Compensation correctively and creatively 

Have practiced using all the settings covered

This module runs on the following dates for the next programmes:

April/October 2019 programme:
Parndon Mill:                 Friday 17th May:                10am - 1pm
June 2019/January 2020 programme:
Tudor House Gallery:    Saturday 13th July:            14.30 - 17.30pm