Module Three: Using Aperture

Module overview:


  • How Aperture affects exposure

  • Using Aperture Priority mode

  • How to achieve different depth of field (DOF) effects and what factors affect DOF

  • Introduction to Principles of Composition

  • Practical session with feedback

  • Progress check on your personal goals

  • Photo challenge 3


By the end of the session you will be able to:


Understand the effect Aperture has on your photos

Use Aperture Priority mode

Understand factors and how to achieve the different DOF effects

Understand how to use the Rule of 3’rds to compose your photos 

This module runs on the following dates for the next programmes:

April/October 2019 programme:
Parndon Mill:                 Friday 21st June:             10am - 1pm
June 2019/January 2020 programme:
Tudor House Gallery:    Saturday 14th Sept:       14.30 - 17.30pm