Module Six: Making the Most of Your Photos

Module overview:


  • The different editing options available

  • Basic editing tips using Adobe Photoshop Elements/Lightroom (no prior purchase necessary)

  • Converting your photos to Black and White vs shooting in Black and White mode

  • Best practice for the storage of your digital photographs

  • Posting your images to Social Media

  • Individual feedback session of progress since the start of the course

  • Photo Challenge 6


By the end of the session you will be able to:


Understand different software editing options 

Understand how to complete basic editing to enhance your photos

Understand how to best convert your colour images to black & white

Understand options for effective storage of your digital photos

Understand how best to use your images on social media

Have had personal feedback on your progress throughout the programme and set future goals

This module runs on the following dates for the next programmes:

April/October 2019 programme:
Parndon Mill:                 Friday 18th October:            10am - 1pm
June 2019/January 2020 programme:
Tudor House Gallery:    Saturday 18th Jan 2020:     14.30 - 17.30pm