Heritage Workshop Programme



I have been working in conjunction with SHARE Museums East over the last six years.


There are currently 2 programmes offered in the current SHARE calendar


Point and Shoot! 

A one day workshop developing staff and volunteers skills in photographing the objects within their collections. This includes a practical session where participants get to try out their new skills and settings. 

Point and Shoot: The next steps

A one day workshop that builds on the principles of the first workshop allowing for troubleshooting, refresher sessions and some creativity.

Managing Digistisation Projects

A one day workshop, developed primarily for small museums, that covers the issues surrounding digitisation projects. This is a practical workshop where particpants work to discover the soloutions and action required for their organisation.

Updated for 2017 to incorporate use of the new SHARE Digitisation resource.

This can be down loaded from the SHARE Museums East website.



Both these workshops are available to be run in house and can be adapted to suit particular needs/audience. Contact me for further details.

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The mix of lecture and practical sessions works really well.

Understanding the theory before using it on objects and practising with a professional to advise is invaluable.

The trainers knowledge is very good and the course was well delivered.

One of the best training days I

have ever attended!

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