10 Tips for Better Holiday Photos!

Updated: Jul 26, 2018

I’m sure that you are, like me, getting ready for a planned holiday in the coming months.

Travel is a wonderful thing to experience and sometimes it can be hard to truly capture the sights, sounds and smells of your destination.

The photos we take can help us reconnect with those memories so here are 10 tips and ideas for great holiday photos!

Preigo de Cordoba, Andalusia 2018

  1. Shoot in the mode you are most confident in. If that means Auto that’s fine - it’s better to get the shot than worry about whether you used the ‘correct’ settings or not.

  2. Do some homework - how have other people photographed where you’re going? Notice the viewpoints and times of days they were taken on. Sites such as flickr.com can be useful for this.

  3. Have a mental checklist of the shots you absolutely want to get whether it’s your kids having fun or an iconic landmark or landscape. Your brain will help you notice the shots more easily!

  4. Negotiate camera time with those you are travelling with - there’s nothing worse than having people getting impatient with you in the background when you are trying to get that amazing shot!

  5. Place people (or your subject) off centre so the location is part of the photo and not just the background. Save the centre position for close up shots! People (whether you know them or not) are useful for adding a sense of scale to a photo.

  6. Use the camera's flash as a fill in light source for faces shaded by hats etc. You will have to set your device to ‘flash on’ to do this. In auto the flash may not fire.

  7. Make sure you capture the details of a place - the local colour and flavour of the place. Signs, buildings, the amusing, food, the wildlife, people etc. These really add to the photos of you and your family or friends.

  8. Look for how light creates different moods at different times of the day. Especially useful if you are staying in one place for your holiday.

  9. Remember! Have some time off photography to enjoy the experience of being on holiday!

  10. …..And when you get back print your photos - why not make a photo book or a calendar of your trip? (make sure you do tip number 3 if you are planning to do this.)

This post is a version of my column in the July edition of The Flyer Magazine.

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