2021...holding on

Normally I enter a new year with positive vibes and some excitement.

This year that feels out of step with the world right now.

Don't get me wrong - I'm not in a total negative mindset , rather I'm pausing, taking a breath and reflecting on what I personally want from an uncertain year.

I have started the year in a creative space that was missing for most of last year. Or rather I have made space to be creative in my week. I know it makes me feel happier and more connected to myself. That and making sure that I get outside as much as I can- even if only for 20 minutes.

Many things that I am normally busy planning for at this point in time are on hold and I admit I have missed being in a room with people and their cameras. But I know that eventually those days will return.

I saw this Rumi quote in an email this morning that perfectly sums up how I feel right now and I will hold on to that - we all need to hold onto the things we know we will be able to return to - travel, live music, holidays, coffee with all my friends and more spontaneity.

So here's to meeting in a field or a training room with cameras in 2021

Quote originally seen in an email from Jonathan Fields of The Good Life Project - I highly recommend his emails and podcasts for these days.

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