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This month I decided after talking about 365 projects with students that I would attempt one of these again. I've decided to use a varety of resources on the web to encourage me to do this as well as setting me the daily challenges.

I'm also only using my iPhone to do this - recognising that this would give me a higher chance of success (we shall see!)

So why a 365 project?

The only way to learn and develop your skills and understanding is to take photos regularly - every day if possible!

BUT our lives often get in the way and we soon realise that it's days, weeks and even months since we picked up our cameras to create anything. As a result we can have a hazy recollection of learning something on a course but are no longer able to put it into practice.

Josh Kaufman in his book 'The First 20 Hours: How to learn anthing....FAST' talks about practicing intelligently and developing a practice routine that enables us to progress. A 365 project can help with that routine without it entailing hours of work.

I'm doing it more as part of my need to create daily - and to set myself a mini challenge everyday. Which is why I'm using some of the many challenge lists that are on the internet.

These take many forms -

A collection of words organised in a monthly theme - what I'm using at the moment (but I also intend to shoot all of Novembers photos in black and white to vary it). I have a couple on the go as that gives me a choice each day - useful if the word is something you'll struggle to get a shot of on a particular day - like 'bats' earlier this week!

Both my current lists can be found on my Pinterest board: Photo Challenge Ideas and I will update the board on a monthly basis.

The CY365 (on the right) challenge has a great website Capture Your Own 365 and you can get daily reminders emailed to you

If you have the Hipstamatic app on your iPhone and follow them on Facebook they also run a monthly and weekly challenge list.

A weekly challenge is good if a 365 project sounds a bit daunting then perhaps would suit you more.These tend to give you a broad theme like the Two Friends through a Lens list on my Pinterest board.

Shorter challenges like 100 Days of Happiness - shoot something every day that you are grateful for/makes you happy (thank you to Debbie for telling me about this one!)

Of course you don't have to use lists created by others. There are lots of people who just pick a theme and go with that. Most famously Noah Kalina has done this since 2000 just shooting pictures of himself!

Having other people involved will help you keep going - either taking part as well or by posting them on social media etc. I have set up a gallery page for this project on the site so you can see what I'm up to!

There are lots of ideas for this type of challenge on my board on Pinterest

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