A bit of hibernation?

For the first few months of each year I tend to hibernate a bit as the weather doesn’t always lend itself to getting out and about with a camera. But that doesn’t mean I’m inactive; I’m deciding on personal projects, reading lots of books and magazines, planning new projects for my community of students and getting excited about what is to appear in the coming warmer months. It’s quite a contemplative and exciting time.

As I write there are the encouraging signs that spring is nearly here - catkins, lambs, snowdrops and even tulips on the supermarket shelves herald the natural word bursting into life again and providing me with so many more photo opportunities.

Whilst I am waiting for more of the sunny days to arrive I often photograph flowers indoors. Simply placing the flower(s) in front of a window can produce great results: even on a relatively dull day. Being able to buy tulips always starts a creative process for me as they are such wonderful subjects!

If I’m out and about and the weather is on the dull side I shoot thinking about converting them to black and white afterwards and look for dramatic silhouettes of bare trees against the sky. There are always the dried seedheads of last summer too which photograph brilliantly in the soft, flatter light of an overcast day.

There are so many things you can try out indoors during these colder, wetter months. Head to my website and find my blog post for some more ideas.

Written for the Flyer Magazine: http://www.flyeronline.co.uk

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