A cautionary tale...

Whilst completing a shoot for a client last week my camera decided to leap off my tripod! The camera had a polarising filter on the front which took the full impact of hitting the floor. So apart from a minor dent on the edge of the lens I escaped with only having to replace a relatively cheap bit of kit. I was lucky - if it had fallen further and onto a harder surface the impact could have seriously damaged the lens internally despite the filter. Often when you buy lenses the accessory that is mentioned most often is a UV filter. I often get asked whether it's worth the extra cash. I always say yes - precisely because of the potential for damage to lenses - not necessarily as dramatic as mine but they certainly protect the lens itself from scratches etc. Do we need UV filters these days? In the days of film they were necessary to reduce the blue haze that UV light could cause in your images as not all films coped with UV light. But today digital technology means that our devices are not sensitive to this type of light. So all the UV filter does is protect from surface scratches, dust, water droplets etc. Do I have one on all my lenses? If I'm honest - I don't. Not necessarily because I have chosen not to - I just haven't got around to it and I rarely take some lenses out and about into environments where they could be damaged. At the end of the day they are relatively inexpensive and if you get them for those lenses you take out and about you will have a degree of protection. I'm off to source a new polariser and to have my tripod's fittings checked over!

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