A month of noticing

Updated: Jul 30, 2019

Photography, for me, is all about noticing - whether I am actively out to take images or not. It's amazing what you can notice if you decide to unplug from everything else and just look. And that lets you switch off the other aspects of  life - you are more in the moment, even if only for a little while. I like that I can do this as part of my normal routine - I don't have to make a special trip to do this every time. I always have my phone with me (if not a camera) so it gives me the opportunity to make images as well. Creativity in the moment - so good for us all!

Recently some of my students have been looking at colour, and how, if we decide to photograph red things for example, our brains literally help us find things that are red. I love that! So there are two types of noticing going on here - one where we just decide to pay attention and discover what there is around us and one where we focus on finding one thing/type of thing.

Over the month of August I am challenging you to a month of noticing with me. There is a list of prompts (see below) which can be used in a number of different ways.

1. Use it as a scavenger hunt and work to get all 31 images - one for every prompt and trying to take one photo every day (you don't have to stick to the order of the list for this method) 2. Choose one of the prompts and take one photo every day that fits that prompt - eg clouds, blue doors, reflections etc 3. Treat it as a photo a day challenge and shoot each prompt in order - this is the more challenging one and you need to be a little more organised about it.

If you have to squeeze lots of photos into one day - or you see lots of things in one day - never mind. All I want is to help you take photos on a regular basis!

Whichever way you decide to join in with me it will really hone your noticing skills as well as getting you to do a little bit of creativity every day for a month. It can help solve the creative slump of 'I don't know what to photograph.....I'm not going anywhere interesting..' etc.  You can use any device to capture your photos - I shall mix it up between my smartphone and my cameras. The object of this is not to create great 'art' but to just do some photography everyday. You will be inspired more by some prompts than others and some photos will be better than others but that really doesn't matter!

I''l be posting the prompts in order every morning with some extra ideas on how to interpret them on social media and then in the evening I'll post my daily photo. If you're on Instagram then join in with me (@sarahstephens_photography) and post your images using the hashtag #mymonthofnoticing If you're on Facebook and you haven't found Sarah Stephens Photography yet - come and find me! There is a Month of Noticing group that I've set up to share images and provide some inspiration for you!

Social media not your thing? You can always join in and share with me via email. I love to see your photos!

Lastly - once you switch on the habit of noticing it's amazing what you will see everyday, even in the most familiar of surroundings, and it never switches off.

Why not join in?

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