So, I'm sitting in my office listening to the rain again! A bit frustrating when the outside world is beginning to turn wonderful colours. So whilst waiting for the weather to clear, here are a few ideas on how to capture the wonder of autumn!

The first thing we tend to think of is colour - leaves and trees, berries, sunsets and late afternoon sun. Making the most of these is just a case of using your White Balance and Exposure Compensation settings on your camera.

Try using Cloudy or Shade White Balance to enhance any golden tones in your photo. These will deepen and warm those colours creating a richer and more vibrant result.

Use the Daylight setting if these are too strong.

The photo on the left was shot with Daylight and the one on the right with Shade. This craetes a very different feel to the scene.

Use Exposure Compensation to add more drama to a photo by under exposing them - the minus numbers on the scale. This can help deepen colours and create dramatic silhouettes.

And don't forget you may also have a Vivid colour option in your camera's colour settings too!

But there's more to Autumn than just colour! There are patterns and textures to be found in cobwebs (see my previous post), leaves, fungi, early frosts and shadows (as seen in the photos above. Look for backlit subjects where the light helps to bring out the details. Late and low afternoon or early morning sun is especially good. Add in a blue sky and you can create interesting and attractive images.

Shooting in Aperture Priority (A or AV on your mode dial or menu) will make your subject stand out against the background as with this backlit leaf.

If you don't have Aperture Priority on your camera try using portrait or macro/closeup mode.

And look out for the unexpected too! I spotted this stump of wood in the lake at Hatfield Forest last year whilst on a photowalk with some students. The reflections of the autumn colours made the wood look like it was in a pool of molten metal (I enhanced this effect by using Cloudy WB).

You can find lots of information on the following websites as to where to find autumn colour.

So, whatever you shoot and where ever you go to take photos this autumn - remember to have fun!

All photos ©Sarah Holmes No reproduction without prior permission

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All images © Sarah Holmes 2021 No reproduction without prior permission.