Christmas Gift Ideas!

On Facebook last week I posted a variety of ideas for gifts for photographers from stocking fillers to useful kit.If you didn't see the posts there then here's the list and the good news....these are not just for Christmas so if you're already sorted stow away these ideas for birthdays and other occasions next year!

1. Let's start with quirky - The Polaroll loo roll dispenser! Available on various sites such as Amazon

and eBay but be quick some sellers now can't guarantee delivery before Christmas. Average selling price around £15

Also available to go with it Polaroid Loo roll!!

2. A mini printer such as the HP Sproket or the Fuji Instax Share. Great for the mobile photographer or, in the case of the HP printer, anyone with wifi connectivity on their camera. Priced from around £90.

3. The lens that is most commonly listed as the lens that everyone should own - a 50mm Prime lens. This is a great lens for portraits, landscapes and street photography. They generally have a great aperture range which makes them good for very shallow depth of field and low light photography. They are especially good at producing bokeh (out of focus light). Depending on your camera brand these lenses start from around £109.

4. A personalised camera strap. Sites such as have a huge range of beautiful straps in all kinds of leathers and fabrics. Great way to make a camera unique. Many are more comfortable to use than the one that came with the camera. Definitely on my wish list! Prices start from around £20

5. The stocking filler. These bands can be worn as an accessory or used to help stop lens creep if the lens doesn't have a lock that stops gravity taking effect when shooting downwards. Available from sites such as Amazon and only around £6 for a set.

6. A new camera bag. I have several to choose from depending on where I'm going, which camera I want and how much other gear I want to take with me. I spotted this bag by Evecase on Amazon recently and loved the look of it and the way it's been thought about in terms of pockets and access to your gear. It's also a really good price at only £55!! Of course there are lots of others to choose from these days both in terms of price but also style.

7. A tripod. The one shown is the Manfrotto Before One which is great for travelling as it folds up to a compact size and is quite light. Prices for this one start at around £99. When choosing a tripod it is really important to know 2 things - what type of photos are going to be taken with it and how heavy the camera is with it's largest lens on. That way you'll get the right tripod that will get used.

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