Do I need a new camera?

This time of year there are lots of reasons for looking at new equipment: new models, great discounts in the sale or a new hobby for the year.

I'm often asked for advice about this.... so here are my 7 questions to ask yourself to determine whether you need a new camera or you just want one!

1. Does your camera take the photos you want?

If Yes, then do you need a new camera or just some new accessories, eg lenses, filters etc, to help you develop your photography? Then go to question 5....

If No, ask yourself questions 2-4....

2. What frustrates you about your camera?

Be specific - is it a lack of your knowledge/confidence or the camera's features? Could it be the lens rather than the camera?

What are the specific problems you feel you have in the photos your camera takes?

Is your camera too big or too small? Do you find it easy to use?

3. Does your camera lack the controls you need to get those photos?

Again be specific - what's important to you - low light performance importance, shutter speed and continuous burst, zoom capability etc.

This will help you identify what's important to look for in a new camera if you do decide to buy.

4. How old is your camera?

Technology has moved so fast since digital cameras became widely available that what may hold you back is the capability of your camera.

A camera of 5+ years will probably lack some of the controls that a newer camera will give you as the manufacturers improve performance.

If you decide to buy a new camera or equipment such as lenses ask these last 3 questions before you look....

5. What's your budget?

Decide on a budget range before you start. This will help reduce the amount of products you look at initially. You might choose to spend more or less in the end but it will help narrow down your choices!

6. What sort of photos do you want to take?

Not all cameras are equal - knowing what features and controls are important to your style of photograph will help stop you buying a camera that will ultimately frustrate you.

7. Are you going to stick with your current brand?

If you have invested in lenses then this is probably not an issue but if not identify whether at this point your brand will give you the best camera for your money.

Read camera magazine reviews and those on sites such as

If you do decide to buy, then head to a local store to actually hold the camera. If it doesn't sit in your hand well you will never be able to shoot with confidence. Bear in mind if you are moving to a larger camera it will feel different but you should still feel able to hold it!

And lastly, having asked yourself these questions, if all you really want is that camera then go for it!

If you have any other questions or need a bit of impartial advice then please Contact Me

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