Everything but the Kitchen Sink?

This month I’m looking forward to sunnier and warmer days for getting out and about.

One of the common questions I get asked is “How do you know what kit to take with you?” Or “What if you don’t have the right lens?”

I used to take everything with me but these days my bag sets off the seat belt alarm in my car!

I also often want to travel lighter - especially if flying on a budget airline! . Of course, that does mean sometimes I don’t have the lens for the shot I’ve just seen or even the right camera.

So what's the answer?

1. Short of having a minion to trail after me with all the gear I make a decision before packing my bag.

What sort of photos would I like to take? Do I know that I want to shoot close up detailed shots of nature; do I want sweeping landscapes with the widest viewpoint; do I want to capture the family outing?

I then choose the device I’m going to use - the big SLR, my smaller, lighter camera or my smartphone. If it’s my SLR then I pack a zoom lens and maybe one other lens, taking into account the perils of changing lenses outside.

2. I choose to use these restrictions to make me look more creatively for images - with the view of my chosen lens or device. That helps push my creativity.

Yes there will be images I can’t take if I have the ‘wrong’ lens or the wrong camera.

Those photos I could have taken are in my internal photo album - I think this internal album helps me to continue to see photo opportunities. Often it is possible to return with different kit on a different day and capture that shot.

Based on my article for The Flyer Magazine April 2018

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