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After last weeks post about what makes a photograph a favourite I thought I would post about some of my favourite things I have photographed for heritage organisations.

My heritage work all started whilst working as a volunteer at my local museum - Bishops Stortford Museum. I was asked to help photograph a Victorian mourning bodice which they had struggled to get good photos of, given the intense black of the garment. Whilst shooting this, and other costumes, I discovered how fascinating this type of work was and my heritage work began. Having an understanding of collections care has really helped on the various projects I have completed since, given the fragile nature of many of the objects.

My choice in the video below reflects the variety of types of things I have been lucky to get up close with. Some have great stories, some are about the practicalities when the object couldn't be moved, some are just beautiful objects. They reflect the varying nature of this type of work which remains as fascinating as on day one.

I am grateful to Bishops Stortford Museum, Southend Museums and Canterbury Cathedral for allowing me to use the images of their objects.

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