Ideas for Wintry Days

This time of year often makes us want to hibernate rather than strike out with our cameras. Though as I type the sun is actually shining. That can mean, of course, that our photography can get neglected. So what to do if you are stuck in the house? Here are a few ideas of mini projects that you can do at home, with very little equipment. You can use them to push your compositional skills, to try out new techniques or master some of the settings on your camera. 1. Backlit flowers/seedheads. Stick an A4 sheet of paper to a window that has plenty of light coming through it. Place your subject in front of the paper and shoot. This works really well with dried seedheads. You can also try black paper (as with the tulip photo). 2. Water droplets Raindrops on windows are a great subject for macro/close up shots. You will have to focus really carefully to get the raindrops in focus rather than the background. If no raindrops try dropping water onto a clear plastic surface (I used some perspex but a CD case would work). Place over a coloured subject (I used a bowl of M&M's) and shoot directly down. Play with depth of field to create different effects. F22 enabled me to get a sharp focus on the reflections in the water droplets.I also used a tripod to help with this and played with manual focus to get the desired result. 3. Kitchen still life Have a look in your kitchen for anything that might make an interesting photo. Keep it simple like a fork on a plate, set up a scene when you're cooking or just shoot some food. If light levels are too low try putting your camera on a tripod/support the camera and shoot in Aperture priority. The camera will select a long shutter speed to get the right exposure and in this case your subject won't be moving so it won't matter! Have fun with these projects - there is always more around us at home that can make great subjects than we sometimes realise. If you're on Facebook why not share your photos onto my page?

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