In the Frame: Louise Gardener

This is the first of a regular series about some of my students. People come to me for all sorts of reasons for lessons or workshops and they do all sorts of things afterwards. I love seeing what people go on to do with their new found skills and confidence.

First up is Louise who ended up having a series of private lessons with me after she couldn't fit in all the dates for my 6 month programme.

She had very specific reasons for wanting to learn more about her camera.....

Why did you decide to learn more about photography?

Louise : I have always enjoyed taking photos of my food dishes, and decided it was time to learn more about how to capture the shots in the best way possible.

What did you enjoy the most about your lessons?

Louise: Sarah has the most wonderful teaching style. I felt like my lessons were totally geared to my requirements, and were absolutely invaluable.

Was there anything you got out of the learning you didn’t expect?

Louise: Absolutely! Top tips for my smartphone were an total game changing bonus. My lessons were booked to cover my new DSLR camera.

How have you used your new skills and knowledge since?

Louise: It’s all coming together nicely now. The building blocks are in place. Practice, practice, practice.

What are your plans, if any, to develop your photography further?

Louise: Ideally I would love to get involved in some more food photography projects. I want to start a food blog where I can share recipes and photos of my food creations.

In fact Louise has gone on to do more training specifically on food photography which has really enhanced her work. She is passionate about what she's doing and it really shows both in her great Instagram feed - @primalgrapevine and when you meet her face to face! (And she makes very nice cake too!)

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