In the Frame: Monica Goitiandia

This is the next in my regular series about some of my students. People come to me for all sorts of reasons for lessons or workshops and they do all sorts of things afterwards. I love seeing what people go on to do with their new found skills and confidence.

This is Monica who completed the first Develop Camera Confidence programme last year.

Why did you decide to learn more about photography?

Monica : I have always loved photography; I made the decision to find time for myself and learn how to use my camera and how to take great photos of the themes I like; flowers, trees and landscapes.

What did you enjoy the most about the programme?

Monica: I enjoyed everything about the workshops. The structure, the approach to learning step by step, the mix between theory and practice and Sarah's patience!

Was there anything you got out of the learning you didn’t expect?

Monica: Yes. I learnt to use and make the most of my camera, with a level of detail I did not expect, which was great.

How have you used your new skills and knowledge since?

Monica: I have reviewed my notes and re-read my handouts a few times, one step at a time and have practise accordingly. I am pleased to say that the knowledge stays in your mind and as you go back to each theme and practice a little, everything I learnt comes back!

What are your plans, if any, to develop your photography further?

Monica: I would like to attend future complementary workshops and ‘outings’ with a purpose. As with any other hobby, you can never learn it all and although practise makes perfect, it is easier (and far more pleasant) when you do it with other people who share the same or similar interests, and the guidance of a subject matter expert.

“I was quite nervous about the workshop as I had never been shown how to use my camera properly; I was concerned I would be well behind everyone else. The truth is that Sarah made everyone feel really comfortable from the very beginning, answering the most basic questions with real interest and putting in the time to ensure that we understood what she was explaining. I have since attended another workshop with her on how to take great pictures with your mobile phone and as with camera confidence, I am now able to show my photos with pride!"

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