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Once I've captured the photos using the camera apps listed in my last post I will edit them in one of number of apps - depending on how I want the resulting image to turn out. I like the fact that the apps give me shoot and edit on the go and that I can then post the images, email them etc straight from the device. So in this post i will talk about a couple of editing apps as well as some of those that are great for being creative or just good fun to play with!


This is my favourite editing app. It's really powerful and gives you a lot of control over the image. Best of all - it's free!! It's available on iPad's too which sometimes can be a bit easier to edit on - depending on the type of edit/type of photo I am working on.

Although there is an Automatic option I never use this - I would rather tweak the image using the other editing tools in the app - the end result is better as it allow you to only adjust the image as you want to.

There are also a host of creative options that can help you create a specific look to your photos.

There are good controls for turning your images into Black and White, an HDR toolset and the ability to add textures via Grunge and Retrolux.


If you want a simpler app then PicTapGo is a great alternative.

Rather then you making the specific adjustments you simply click the look you want from the filters menu and then adjust it using a slider. It allows you to layer the effects and has good preview images at each stage.

I like the fact that you have the option to upload to Instagram a non square image that can float in the screen rather than being cropped square. Sometimes that will be all i use this app for!

The app allows you to save 'recipes' for your favourite combinations as well as tagging your favourite filters.

This isn't a free app but is good value for money and simple to use.

There are many other editing apps avilable but these are the two that I use all the time.

Next post I will talk about some of the creative apps I use to add interesting effects to photos!

If you are interested in attending a short workshop on using Camera+ and Snapseed I am planning this for the early summer. Register your interest in attending this workshop here!

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