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As many of you already know last year I started a 365 photo a day challenge - just using my iPhone. This was from a practical perspective more than anything as I always have it with me.

I am always being asked about the apps I use to shoot and edit my photos with, so thought it would be a good idea to do a series of posts on the subject, especially as I have discovered more since doing the original sheet some of you may have. If you have an Android phone I will be posting on apps for you separately.

This post will focus on the apps I shoot with rather than the native camera on my iPhone. This is mainly because the apps I use give me more control over the image or create a look in camera.


This is my favourite app for shooting with. I have tried a few over the last year or so but have found this to be the simplest to use and it gives me the most consistent results.

Features I really like are:

White Balance setting

Exposure compensation

Easy zoom tool

Separate focus and exposure lock

Macro function

Choice of square crop (useful for Instagram daily challenge posts

Stabliser - great for low light conditions

In the settings you can also choose the resolution of the images you shoot including high res JPEG and TIFF files.

Other options to look at are Camera Awesome (less features) and Pro Camera 8 (simelar features to Camera+ but with some extra modes such as Night and HDR)


The other app I use most, is Hipstamatic. This app allows you to use lens and film combinations to create images with specific looks. Many are simelar to the looks created in the filters in apps such as Instagram. This app does involve in app purchases.

This app gives me a fun aspect to my iPhone photos as there is an element of randomness within the way it shoots the images. This can be randomised even further by shaking the phone which makes the app select the combination for you. This is a good way to discover new looks that you can shoot. Favourite combinations can be saved to use again. There is also a great social media community shooting with Hipstamatic which is another great way to get some inspiration.

I do find that Hipstamatic can be a bit more forgiving in lower light conditions but I use it primarily because I want a specific look to an image. These are a few of my recent favourites.

These are by no means the only apps for shooting in but they are the ones I tend to use on a regular basis having tried quite a few (especially when they are free!!)

Next time I'll talk about the editing apps I tend to use to edit, create different image looks and for collages such as the one above!

And don't forget to look at my 365 gallery whilst you're here! Click HERE

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