Looking back...looking forwards....

The end of every year and the start of the new is a great time to reflect. This takes many forms - for some it’s a setting of resolutions for the year ahead, for some it’s a reflection of the year ending through making a year book full of memories, including photos.

This year I am more reflective as I go through and sort the family photograph collection, for which I have become the keeper. I’m remembering people who are no longer with us, learning more about their lives - powerful and moving.

Some people like to choose their top 10 favourite photos of the year each year - this can help you see your progress as well as the themes/colour palettes you like to capture. It might help you identify what you want to learn about, do more of in the coming year. It's actually quite a hard process!

These are my 10 images taken with a camera (I had enough favourites to choose from without adding in all my smartphone photos!!) They are all ones I took for 'fun'.

Interestingly given my love of still life - most of these are taken when out and about!

Looking forward I always like to have a project that I want to complete in the year - just for me (even if it does benefit my students in the longer term). Having a side project allows me to explore techniques and subjects that my commercial work doesn’t necessarily allow me.

So what will your creative ‘resolution’ be - to learn more about your camera, learn a new app for your smartphone, learn a new technique you have always wanted to have a go at, start a 365 challenge (one photo a day for a year!) or plan to make a great photo book of your year or a holiday?

And don’t limit it to just photography (after all that’s my passion!), there are so many other great creative pastimes to try! I am often awestruck by the creativity of people’s work that I photograph - pottery, knitting, sewing, art and so on. I often have projects such as painting furniture, learning to cook a new type of cuisine, on the go too. Sometimes it helps feed my photography's creative juices.

I have written before in these columns about how important being creative is to our wellbeing. At the most basic level it just makes us happy! So having a project (or even projects) is really important!

So make some resolutions to add a creative project into your year - whatever form it takes and have a wonderfully creative 2019!

This blog post appears in a shorter form in January's Flyer Magazine

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