Looking for, and finding, inspiration

There's an energy going into this year that seems different to me. Everyone seems so much more vitalised! Maybe that's the effect of the new decade or the 20's being associated with exciting times!

As part of my review of last year and planning for this year I've been thinking about

what/who has inspired me. The photos in this post are all connected to what follows:

1. Learning something new: Last year I attended a multi exposure techniques workshop in Kew Gardens with Bailey Chinnery Photography. I was inspired by so much that day - the setting, the tutors, other students (especially in the subsequent Facebook group I joined) and the challenge of bending my brain to think differently about how I take photos. I'm definitely inspired to carry on playing with this technique this year.

Did you also learn something new last year that you can carry on developing your skills and techniques with in 2020?

2. Books, art and music: Being a visual person I think in pictures, so quite often a lyric or line in a book can inspire me to try creating an image. I might see a piece of art (especially still life) that could be the basis of an image I subsequently create. If I don't have time there and then to do it, it goes into my inspiration journal - a book of cuttings and scribbles saved for those weeks when I might be finding inspiration hard to come by. 

3. Seeing my son go off to university: I watched my son head off on his own to create a new life for himself and seeing, despite the fears and doubts he had, that he's making the most of it. Anything is possible no matter what stage of your life you are at and I'm drawing on this inspiration to carve out a new version of my life now I have joined the ranks of the empty nesters!

4. Being outdoors Anytime I feel uninspired even a short walk kick starts me back into noticing and seeing. This morning it was the first of the catkins appearing earlier than usual that I spotted whilst walking into town. Those short minutes capturing them with my phone are as powerful as an hour spent with my camera creating new images in a studio.

What inspires you to pick up a camera and play? How can you do more this year?

4. Lastly and most importantly - my community: All of you who have attended workshops this year, gone on photo walks, taken part in My Month of Noticing, read my blogs or newsletters. You inspire me with your enthusiasm, the images that you take and the feedback you give me.

Thank you! You constantly remind me of why I do this and over the last few months I have come to the conclusion that where my passion really lies is with enabling all of you to get more from your photography.

So watch this space for new ideas and more in 2020!

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