Multi-exposure images with PhotoSplit

Multi exposure photography is a great way to stretch your creativity and see different opportunities for interesting images. You can create bold abstracts or more painterly effects. Whilst on a workshop last autumn one of the tutors showed us a great app - PhotoSplit that enables you to create these images on your iPhone. Sadly this is not available for Android users at this time. You may have to hunt in the App Store for this app so make sure you type in the name as shown in the title.

  • Once you have the app downloaded, open and on the home screen tap the 4 white squares in the top left hand corner.

  • Tap on the cogwheel to open settings

  • Let the app to save your images as High Resolution. This is worth doing!

  • Tap Back

  • This screen shows you the grids you can create as well as the Multi-Exposure option. Swipe left for more grid options.

  • Tap Multi-Exposure

  • Once on the second screen shown tap the screen anywhere to bring up the tool bar at the bottom.

  • Tap the camera to take your first shot. If you tap the photo icon you can use photos already in your camera roll.

  • Take your first photo.

  • Tap the photo and then the camera to take your next shot. You can see it overlaid on top of your first image to get an idea of the effect

  • Now the fun part - the second photo (and any subsequent photos) is moveable at this point so you can rotate it, resize it etc.

  • You also have Blend Modes to play with - scroll down the menu and find an effect you like and alter the strength of it with the slider. You can do this with every subsequent layer and with different blends each time.

  • Tap done when finished and then repeat as many times as you wish.

  • I find that 3 -4 usually works really well and certainly whilst you're learning the technique.

  • You can delete the top photo both on the shooting screen and the main screen by tapping X in the tool bars.

  • To save your image tap the icon in the top right corner and select save image from the menu. This saves your image to your camera roll as well as the individual shots you took to create it. This means that if you want to you can try combining them differently by tapping the photo icon each time you want to add another photo instead of taking a new one.

This app is great for creating abstract patterns such as the one below (created from a corner of my desk pad) or multi layered landscape ones (see below). I finished both in Snapseed - cropping etc.

I hope you have fun with this app - please contact me with any questions!

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