Photographing in a smaller world

I'm sure, like me, you might be frustrated about all the places you can't get to with a camera - especially as Spring arrives.

But we can take inspiration from photographers like Andre Kertesz - one of my all time favourite image makers.

In his later years suffering ill health and the loss of his wife he had lost his creative spark. In his apartment in New York he started to experiment with a Polaroid camera he had been given (late 1970's).

What he produced with it were mostly still life images all made within the confines of his apartment, many using the same glass figure that reminded him of his late wife. He used available light, the cityscape or sky outside his window as a background and objects from around his apartment. He used a lot of glass objects making g the most of their reflective properties.

It reignited his passion and he continued to photograph continuously for the next 6 years until his death.

From My Window: Plate 53 ©The Estate of Andre Kertesz

"I began shooting slowly, slowly, slowly. But soon, going crazy. I worked mornings and late afternoons. With the morning light the sky is nice, and in the late afternoon, full of variation. I would come out in the morning and shooting, shooting, shooting; no time to eat. I discover the time has gone , and no breakfast. The same in the afternoon..."


We can all take a bit of inspiration from this work as we are confined to a smaller version of the world than we are used to. Do you have an object you could challenge yourself to take photos of at home noticing the changes in light in a room and the different ways it can photograph?

You can find many of the images he took online to inspire you but also in a beautiful small book that I really recommend - available from sites such as Amazon

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