Photos, Smells and Memories

Today I spent a lovely hour exploring the world of essential oils at The Centre of Wellbeing in Sawbridgeworth.

We talked about the power of smell to connect us with memories at one point. It made me think of an old family photo I remember seeing in my 20's that evoked both the smell and the taste of the food we were eating. (Chocolate pudding in case anyone wonders!) Our brains enable us to evoke a sense of the taste as well as smell. We often say 'I can almost taste it'.

Scientists have shown how smell is a powerful emotional trigger to memory but it seems it can be triggered photographically too. If the image is powerful enough it enables us to access more than just the physical memory. It triggers our memory of the smell whether its food, a flower, herbs or a place.

What photos do you have that do this for you?

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