Portrait or Landscape?

Do you shoot in mostly portrait or landscape orientation? Or are you a square shooter? Have a look at your photos if you don't know!

The naming of the orientations tells us what they are conventionally used for, but what if we shook that up and tried shooting landscapes in portrait mode and vice versa?

Next time you are out with a camera - any type - try shooting the same view in both portrait and landscape framing. If you're using a smartphone make sure you're set to shoot in what is often called normal framing.

Look at the results - is there one you prefer over the other? Does one work better than the other? Have a look at these examples: remember this is a subjective opinion so you might not agree with me...

Of these two images I prefer the portrait orientation as it emphasises the height of the jar. In fact portrait format suits tall objects like buildings trees etc. It doesn't make the first one wrong but it captures the subject better.

However in these two images the landscape format works better to my mind as it uses the lines within the image to make your eye move through the frame. The landscape version has a better feeling of the space. So if you want your viewer to take in more of the frame or the subject is wide, a landscape format may provide a better image.

And some subjects you will find suit either. So shake up always taking photos in the same orientation you normally do and see how the world might look different!

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