Smartphone Apps I can't do without!

I love the flexibility of using my smartphone's camera when I'm out and about or when I need to shoot something quickly.

My previous blog post talked about the latest version of my favourite camera app Camera+2. I thought I'd expand that to list the other apps I regularly use to create images for my Instagram and Facebooks feeds as well as just for fun!

I do not receive any payment for these recommendations and they are only a small selection of the 100's of apps that are out there. These are the one's I currently use the most often. I shoot with an iPhone but many of these are available for Androids too.

Let me know if one of your favourites is not on my list!!

Essential apps:

Essential apps for me are those that enable me to enhance my images and create interesting images for my social media feeds, blog posts etc.

It is incredibly rare for me not to tweak a photo - even if I'm just cropping or straightening. Most smartphone images can do with a little adjustment.

As well as Camera+ 2...

Snapseed - great free editor which enhances and provides creative looks for your images

Lightroom CC - links with Lightroom on your computer but can be used as a standalone editor. More of a workflow editor than a creative one.

POTO or Photogrid - great for creating collages of images (such as the one in this blog!)

Over - want to create a meme? Over has many great ways to add text to your images

Ripl - create mini slide shows of your images with music and different looks using their templates

Creative apps:

Creative apps enable me to either shoot different types of images - such as Slow Shutter Cam (I wrote a post last week about this app on Facebook) - or add creative effects to my images.

Sometimes a creative edit can help an image that you might otherwise bin - often true if the light wasn't great. But, and it's a big but, these apps will not save an image that was just bad!

Slow Shutter Cam - take creative slow shutter type images such as light trails and blurring motion

Waterlogue - turns your images into watercolours

Distressed FX - add colour and texture effects to your images

Lumyer - add moving effects to your images

Typorama - create posters and typographic art

With any editing of images, less is more so be careful not to over edit your images and spoil them!

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