The start of Spring arriving is heralded with the appearance of snowdrops. There are lots of places to see great swathes of them in most areas - and they are beautiful subjects.

But these flowers do pose a number of challenges for the photographer!

They are very low to the ground:

Be prepared to kneel or even lie on the ground to get the most engaging shots. Using Live View and a remote control can help avoid this! A beanbag to support your camera is useful.

They can become overexposed easily:

Use your camera’s spot metering or tap the screen of your smartphone on a flower. Alternatively find a clump that is shaded or even semi shaded.

Photos of huge drifts of them can look a bit flat and uninteresting:

These flowers are small in contrast to the rest of the landscape - even large drifts can look insignificant.

Change your angle of view - get lower and place the drifts in the foreground - the rest of the landscape then becomes the context of the photo rather than the subject.

They are tiny flowers:

Shoot using macro mode, a macro lens or accessories such as close up lenses or extension tubes to fill the frame with one flower - choose a clump on the edge for most success and to avoid flattening others.

If using a camera, choose to shoot in Aperture Priority and select an aperture of F5.6 and below - this will throw some of the background out of focus and help make the flowers stand out more.

If you're on your smartphone you can mimic this afterwards using the Lens blur tool in the Snapseed editing app.

If you can’t get out or the weather’s terrible, buy a pot of them at the garden centre and try it at home!

Shot using a zoom lens on my DSLR with an aperture of F6.3

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