Spiderwebs and the importance of 'playing'!

This morning there were thousands of fairy like cobwebs adorning virtually every plant I looked at. This was one of the images I subsequently shot before getting back to today's work of preparing a workshop for some Year 9 students completing their Art Awards.

Sometimes we need to step away and play for no other reason than reminding ourselves that as a creative this is what we do. It pushes us and reconnects us with that part of us that wants to create. Unfortunately too often the head reminds us that we have other things to do - the work that pays the bills. But if we don't play...our work will stagnate and the work that pays the bills will too.

So play - even if for only a short time. It's so worth it! (and I did do some real work in creating a new watermark - so that counts!)

#playing #spiderswebs #blackandwhite

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