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For all of you who are fans of shooting with your smartphone's camera there are a bewildering number of apps out there to choose from. Whilst we don't mind trying the freebies - we can be a little more cautious about paying for one.

If you've been on my Smartphone workshops you know that I love the camera app Camera+ for the additional controls it gives us Apple users. Recently it came to light that they had brought out a completely new version of the app Camera+2 rather than just updating the existing one.

So, because I had to upgrade to be able to demonstrate the version people can purchase, here are the four things I think make it worth parting with a bit of extra cash...even if you already have the first version!

1. It's optimised for the latest versions of the iPhone including the ability to make use of the dual lenses in the device - ie wide angle and telephoto using the button at the top of the screen.

2. New in the advanced focus controls is a little button that allows you to see the area of focus in your image before you take it. Useful for making sure your camera is focusing on the right thing! Once switched on the focus points light up a bright green.

3. You can now see all your photos in your Photo Library within the app - really useful if your images are saved straight to your library rather than the app's Lightbox.

It also means you can edit within Camera+2 any photos in that library. I choose to use Snapseed for my editing but I like the fact I can see the image I've just taken without leaving the app making my workflow much faster!

4. And, lastly, it's all much faster and responsive. Modes such as action and slow shutter have been enhanced to make the most of the improvement in the camera's performance.

So I will still recommend this app to any iPhone user who's serious about the photography they love to do with the device they always have with them!

NB this is not a paid review - I'm just a big fan of this app and want to make sure you all have the chance to try it out too!

Next time I'll be reviewing some new camera apps I have discovered for you!

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