The Camera always with me...

So this month I shall certainly be out and about taking photos of the spring and early summer flowers - wild and otherwise. I love this time year and all the new possibilities for photographs.

And a lot of those will be on my smartphone because I always have it with me - so spotting something on my walk into town doesn’t mean a return trip with a camera necessarily. I love the freedom that being able to take great photos with my phone gives me.

Getting the best results from my phone’s camera means understanding the limits of the device as well as how to get the most out of it. Then it’s about good composition. 

Here are some basics that will help improve your results:

1. Tap the screen to set your focus on the flower or leaf you are photographing. Use the exposure compensation option to make your image brighter or darker as necessary.

2. Shoot slightly darker in bright conditions(using exposure compensation) - if the bright areas are too bright you may lose the details.

3. Look for backlit flowers and leaves to create really detailed, bright photos. It doesn’t have to be strong light - in fact bright overcast days usually produce better results providing there is enough light.

4.Fill the frame with the flower to create the strongest images but try not to use the zoom function to achieve this. The zoom on your phone will compromise the quality of the image. Zoom with your feet and arms and/or crop the image afterwards.

5.Use an editing app such as Snapseed (powerful and, more importantly, free!) to enhance your photos or to add some creativity afterwards.

I love surprising people with the images I get with my phone - you can too!

If this has got you interested and you want to find out more then why not book a place on one of my upcoming smartphone workshops? 

(A version of this article appears in May's Flyer magazine for Bishops Stortford and Sawbridgeworth)

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