Thursday's Thought: In or Out of the Moment?

It's nearly time for my holiday and I can't wait!! I am, of course, packing a camera (or two!) because I'm never without one! In the last few weeks I have the same conversation with lots of different people and groups....sometimes we are so busy taking the pictures that we are not actually participating in the moment - we have become observers on the sidelines - our view constricted by the rectangle of our viewfinder or screen.

I do think that the digital age has something to do with this - it costs nothing to take multiple photos and we can take an infinite number quickly. We rarely stop to consider how we are taking the picture - it's often about the speed - after all we can easily delete the bad ones later!

Does that stop us seeing properly or engaging with the sights, sounds and emotions of the moment? Maybe it does sometimes.

I remember meeting an Australian backpacker in Sri Lanka many years ago (in the days of film!). He was limiting himself to only taking one photo a day for the whole of his travels! He must have looked and chosen those moments carefully and then rather than regretting all the missed shots he just enjoyed them - in the moment. I wonder if he stuck to it - I'm not sure I would have been able to totally!!

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So this holiday, whilst I will be taking lots of photos, I'm also going to make sure I engage with the experience so I have plenty of memories and stories too! There's room for both!

Thursday's Thought will be back in two weeks!

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