Thursday's Thought: Learning to See Differently

Hola!! I have just returned from a short holiday in Andalusia where it was very hot and where I put myself back into the shoes of a learner as I experimented with a new camera.

My new camera has a fixed lens so no zoom...that's right, no zoom! I wanted a camera that would be a challenge to adapt to, that would make me look at taking pictures in a slightly different way.

In today's world we are used to being able to zoom on what we want to photograph - does that mean we stop seeing the bigger picture? Those of you that know me know that I love details, love macro and still life. How would that differ if I couldn't zoom (apart from using my feet that is!).

I practised what I often recommend to students - I used Programme mode for the whole holiday - I could tweak the settings but left the rest up to the camera. That way I started to understand how this camera works; how to see the photos it could take.

And so far... I love it! There were lots of photos I couldn't take but plenty that I could including those photos I love to take! I'm looking forward to more photo adventures with my new kit!

(And if you read the last Thought - I made sure I was in the moment as often as possible!)

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