Thursday's Thought: So how did you come up with that?

Following on from last weeks post about inspiration...

I had lunch this week with a student. We were talking about some of my recent work which I'm getting ready to sell. She asked me how I had come up with the idea - and I couldn't actually tell her. I knew that it was part of some 'creative play' but what triggered the actual idea that turned into my photos I can't remember!

Something prompted me to choose to work with the spoon and the spices. Was it another photo, a painting or something that I read? Sometimes it is but that might lead us to something else entirely.

As Picasso - to quote him again - said "I begin with an idea and then it becomes something else."

We can make the conscious decision to work with something specific in front of the camera but after that.....

...the final photos were definitely the result of seeing something through the viewfinder - moving the different elements of the composition until something said "That's it!"

Sometimes that's how we know when to press the shutter. We just see something.

Have a great week 'seeing somethings'!

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