Thursdays Thought: Having Favourites

So after a few weeks break Thursday's Thoughts are back!

This week I thought I'd talk about one of the questions I get asked on a regular basis - What's your favourite camera?

Usually I say 'the one I have with me' but it's not as simple as that. Yes, there is an element of being happy with whichever device I have to hand - that way I'm not constantly thinking..'if only I had....'

But if we look at the definition of favourite it becomes more complex. After all if I have more than one of them with me I'm going to make a choice!

I currently have 3 main cameras, a digital SLR, my new prime lens camera and, of course, my iPhone 6!

Which do I prefer over the others? Depends what I want to shoot. And here I'm not thinking about any professional work but the things I do for fun. So what does each of the cameras give me that the others don't?

SLR: Shooting macro is possible across all 3 of the cameras but they will give me different results. So in this case I would choose, where possible, my Canon SLR coupled with my Sigma macro lens that gives me the closest images and the most flexibility over focusing effects and depth of field.

Prime lens camera: One of the most impressive things about my Fuji X100T is it's performance in low light which coupled with it's portability makes it the outright favourite. It also wins as a great sized camera to carry with me on holidays, days out etc.

iPhone 6: My day to day camera for those moments that I wasn't expecting or planning to shoot. I love the creativity that the apps can give me and being able to shoot and edit on the go.

So I love them all really and the different approaches to creating images that they give me. It's all about learning what your cameras do best and playing to their strengths, making choices about the type of photos you want to take and knowing how to do that!

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