To print or not to print!

In an age of digital images is there still a need to print? There are lots of thoughts on this but here is a few of mine....

There is something about handling a physical photo - it links you back to the moment it was taken...the moment the print first came back from the lab.. it's tactile quality isn't really replicated by viewing an image on a screen. Maybe it's because I find old photos fascinating and interesting. My choice of books for a school prize was one of Victorian photographs. I meet many older people who talk wistfully about the loss of holding a photo in their hands. My Mum always prints out photos of the grandchildren to stick somewhere - whether stuck on the fridge or in a frame.

There is something satisfying, as a creator, of having your photos printed to display - especially when printed BIG! I still remember the first moment I saw an image I had taken printed to practically A1 size for an exhibition - it literally took my breath away even though I was so familiar with the photo. So don't be afraid to print your photos big!

There are so many ways to print photos for your wall..prints, canvas, acrylic (as seen here), aluminium, wood - you can create something different and stylish for your walls that no one else can buy anywhere! With the added benefit of your memories and your story being told by the image! Having these around us in our home helps us connect with what's important in our life too.

Printing photos in some format..and these days there are so many things we can

gadget cases, bags, cushions, mugs, mousemats, fabric, wallpaper.., releases the images from their invisible hiding place on our PC's hard drive. We can have so much fun with our images today!!

So... print those photos - bring them back into your everyday life whether in a photobook, in a frame, on a canvas or as a case for your phone. They don't have to be award winning - just important to you! Be creative and enjoy!!

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