What you could do with holiday photos!

As many of us will have been away this year, I thought a post about what we can do with all those photos we've captured of sights and memories would be appropriate.

These days there are so many things we can do with photos other than just letting them sit on our hard drives.

Photo Books: These are a lovely way of using photos but there are a few things to think about to ensure you are pleased with the result!

1. Give yourself time to sort through your photos and to create the layouts - they always take longer than you think! Take your time to layout each page to maximise the impact of your images and to tell your story.

2. Think about who the book is for - if it's a gift you may want to think differently about the captions you add to your photos or the background paper colour or designs. I was recently talking to an elderly relative who commented they found some harder to look at.  Companies like Blurb have lots of templates that allow to create books of all types including recipe books.

3. Always choose the best paper option if you can - cheap paper can make you feel disappointed with the results. Semi gloss/lustre or matt finishes can make you photos look more vibrant than full gloss.

Photo gifts: Today there are so many choices as to what you can put a photo onto! No longer is it confined to mugs and device cases.  1.Think carefully about what images will work on your choice of gift. 2.Most sites will give you feedback about the quality of the image so make sure you upload the largest file sizes and best quality you can. If they won't go up to the size required then resize using software such as Photoshop or choose a collage style design and upload several images instead.

Prints: There are so many choices of finishes and materials you can have photos printed onto - so much more than just canvases. 1. Think about what style print will suit its location - if in a kitchen area make sure it is moisture resistant, for example. My market photos are printed and mounted as acrylic blocks. 2. Read the blogs of the companies or buying guides which will give you an idea of what finishes suit what type of images. Some suit black and white more and some are ideal for super saturated colours. 3. Resist the urge to print big sometimes - small prints in a group can be just as effective! My printers tray frame is an example of thinking small. There are lots of online companies who do the above. You definitely get what you pay for in terms of these but there are options to suit all budgets. Find out who your friends and family use and get some recommendations. Inside tip: Some of these sites offer flash discounts, so if you are not in a hurry for your item, create and save it and wait for the discount email! (You'll need to be ion their mailing list.)

Here are some that I've used:  www.photobox.com - books and gifts www.blurb.com - books  www.bagsoflove.com - wide range of high quality gifts such as the travel wallet pictured above www.whitewall.com - prints including lots of great framing options

I've also been looking at and waiting to try out: www.inkifi.com - prints, books and calanders (including lovely looking wooden desk ones) and www.mixtiles.com - ready to hang photo tiles - perfect for gallery walls

And lastly make sure you have noted the lead times for production of your book/gift - especially in the run up to the festive season! (Sorry, I almost said the C word!!)

I'm off to make a couple of books, try Inkifi prints and a calendar for my dad's birthday! 

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